Metal Construction Buildings in Cyprus

Our team of professionals works with attention to detail to pre-engineer the metal frames based on the architectural plan of your building. We deliver metal constructions for various purposes and buildings that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. From houses to agricultural buildings or any other building you request we’ve got you covered. It could be a car wash or a room for your private afternoon lessons. You name it and we make it happen.


Metal Construction Houses

Building a new house nowadays is extremely beneficial knowing all the new and efficient methods and materials available. The same applies to metal constructions as well. Deciding to build your house with steel is a choice that will give you many benefits and will protect your house from problems that would normally appear over time.

Our team works very closely with every client to listen to their concerns and suggest the best metal construction for their future residence. Our architects team up with engineers and designers to create the perfect metal construction buildings in Cyprus for our clients.

metal construction buildings in Cyprus

Metal Construction Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are very popular and they have many uses. People choose metal prefabricated buildings as temporary or permanent houses, shops, coffee shops, afternoon lessons centres and for many other reasons. These metal buildings are ready-made and people can look at the displays and choose the size, colour and design they want.

These metal buildings are perfect for clients who want something urgently. Our team creates these prefabricated buildings with professionalism and care. Of course, utilities like electricity, water and gas can be set up just at any other building.

A building license is now not required for buildings of less than 20 mwhich is perfect for people who wish to purchase a prefabricated building of less than 20 m2.

metal construction buildings in Cyprus

Metal Construction Extensions

Extending your house, shop or any other building can seem a difficult task when you do not know where to start. We undertake extension projects and transform your place in less time than you would expect.

Choosing to extend your house or shop with a metal construction is very beneficial. Other than the little time the extension will need, you will also have a new space that will be weather, humidity and fire-resistant which is very important. We create extensions by applying a metal frame and then covering it with plasterboard.

metal construction buildings in Cyprus

Metal Construction Building Renovations

People decide to renovate their place for various reasons. Whether this is because they are bored with the design or because they need a change, a metal construction is a great solution. Sometimes people want to renovate a room or a whole place but do not want to destroy walls because it will be too much work to rebuild them or change the wall design around the place.

Renovations with metal constructions in Cyprus are the best choice. Firstly, because the whole renovation is completed quickly and efficiently and secondly, because a renovated place should be safer than before. With a metal construction the renovated room, house or any other place will be fire-resistant and will also offer a healthier environment since it will be humidity-resistant.

metal construction buildings in Cyprus

Metal Construction Garages and Sheds

Metal constructions in Cyprus can be used for creating garages and sheds. A metal construction can be used as a protection of a car from weather conditions as well as burglars. We create metal garages that are safe, durable and burglar-resistant. Our team also creates shed metal construction buildings in Cyprus for our clients to use as they like. Metal sheds are weather-resistant so they can be used as storage for every item without the fear of flooding destroying precious items.

metal construction buildings in Cyprus

Metal Construction Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

Metal constructions are very popular for industrial buildings of any kind. These buildings are built for safety and endurance and they are perfect for businesses that need something durable and economical. Moreover, metal constructions offer the ability of high ceilings and open plan workspaces which are perfect for factories and warehouses.

The construction of warehouses must be very precise and our team works with professionalism to deliver the best results for industrial metal construction buildings in Cyprus.

metal construction buildings in cyprus

Metal Construction Agricultural Buildings

Whether you need a barn, a farm, a shed for your animals, a horse stable or hay storage we can create it for you. Cyprus is a country with a lot of farmers that depend on agriculture for their living.  We specialize in agricultural metal construction buildings in Cyprus to offer farmers the best premises for them and their animals.

Metal constructions in Cyprus can protect your animals, tractors and equipment from all hazards and natural phenomena. Moreover, our metal constructions in Cyprus allow for column-free interiors giving the chance for larger spaces.

A building license is now not required for agricultural buildings of less than 50 mwhich is perfect for farmers who wish to add an agricultural metal building of less than 50 m2 to their farm premises.

Find out more about the impact of metal constructions on modern farming practices.

metal construction buildings in cyprus


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