Indoor and Outdoor Metal Constructions in Cyprus

We specialize in metal constructions of any kind. Our experienced team can undertake any project, from indoor staircase handrails to fences and pergolas. Contact us for a consultation and get a quote for the metal construction you want.


Metal Construction Staircase and Ramp Handrails

We create metal handrails for both indoor and outdoor staircases and ramps. Metal constructions are the best option for outdoor handrails since metal is weather-resistant and it is a material that does not require maintenance.

indoor and outdoor metal constructions in cyprus

Metal Construction Pergolas

Pergolas in Cyprus are needed at almost every house as sun protection. It is nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy your garden in the shade. Metal pergolas are very efficient and cost-effective compared to wooden ones. Pergolas made from steel are weather and humidity-resistant and they do not need fixing all the time.

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cyprus metal constructions

Metal Construction Fences

Our metal construction services include metal fences as well. We create modern metal fences for your roof, garden, or veranda to ensure your privacy and the safety of yourself, your loved ones and your beloved pets. Since metal fences are very strong and durable, they are also low-maintenance and cost-efficient. We can create the fences in the design that you want. metal fences.

cyprus metal constructions

Metal Construction Railings

Railings offer a different appearance to a house, shop, park or any other place. We create custom-made indoor and outdoor metal constructions in Cyprus such as railings based on our clients’ ideas and preferences. Of course, our metal railings are weather-resistant, strong and durable.

cyprus metal constructions

Metal Construction Gates

Metal gates in Cyprus are very popular because of the sunny weather. Other materials get damaged by the sun and other weather conditions whereas metal gates have long lifespan and are low-maintenance constructions. We create metal gates in the design you like, and we add the opening and closing mechanism you want.

cyprus metal constructions

Metal Construction Staircases

We take on staircase projects and deliver people the metal construction they want. Both indoor and outdoor metal constructions in Cyprus such as staircases are very common on the island because many families live in maisonettes and they want a staircase to connect the two houses. Moreover, indoor metal construction staircases are used in small two-floor shops because they are practical and we can design them in a way that they do not take up much space.

cyprus metal constructions

Custom Made Metal Constructions

We specialize in creating custom-made indoor and outdoor metal constructions in Cyprus. Our team of experts works closely with clients to bring their unique ideas and preferences to life. Whether this is something for your garden, gym equipment, bar equipment or any other metal construction, we can customize it for you.

cyprus metal constructions