How to Maintain Metal Fences and Gates

how to maintain metal fences and gates

Metal fences and gates are among the most popular choices for enclosing a house. Homeowners choose metal constructions for their fences and gates because of their durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. Of course, just like any other outdoor fixture, metal fences and gates require regular maintenance to ensure their lifespan and performance in a sunny country like Cyprus. Here you can learn more information about how to maintain metal fences and gates.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your metal fence and gate can protect them and make them more durable over time. Dirt, dust, and debris can collect on the metal surface over time and lead to corrosion and other damage to the metal construction. Especially in Cyprus, where it does not rain very frequently, homeowners are responsible to undertake cleaning their fences and gates. Of course, metal fence and gate cleaning should be done correctly so as not to damage the metal construction. Remember to use appropriate products and avoid chemicals that can scratch or damage your metal fence or gate.

Rust Prevention

Rust is a common problem that affects metal fences and gates, especially those exposed to moisture, sun, unsuitable chemicals and more. To prevent rust from appearing, you can apply a protective coating such as paint or powder coating. This substance acts as a barrier between the metal surface of the fence or gate and the environment, thus preventing rust from forming.


Metal gates and fences can become stiff and difficult to open and close over time. Time, bad weather conditions and moisture can make the hinges and the moving parts of metal constructions very stiff. This can be prevented by lubricating the moving parts of a fence or gate.

Check for Damage

Checking your mental fence or gate for damages can really help you maintain them in a good condition. You should check your metal fence or gate regularly so that you can find any damage at an early stage and be able to address it. If you do it early, it is more likely for the damage to be repaired.

Remove Vegetation

Many times, we see gates that are covered in vegetation and cannot operate as they should. Overgrown vegetation grows around and on metal fences and gates not letting these metal constructions open and close properly, trapping moisture and causing damage. Removing vegetation near or around your metal fence and gate is important for their operation. Monitoring the vegetation and removing it as soon as it grows can help you keep up with it.

In conclusion, maintaining your metal fence is very important and not difficult at all. Have these suggestions in mind and remember to follow them to maintain your metal constructions and give them a longer lifespan.