Aluminium Pergolas in Cyprus

aluminium pergolas in cyprus

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Barbecue area bioclimatic pergola.

aluminium pergolas in cyprus

Fixed Pergolas

Fixed aluminium pergola used as a carport.

aluminium pergolas in cyprus

Retractable Pergolas

Wall-mounted automatic retractable pergola in Cyprus.

Durable metal pergolas for fun outdoor gatherings.

Why Choose an Aluminium Pergola

Aluminium pergolas in Cyprus serve as:

  • protection from the rain
  • an extra outdoor living space
  • protection for outdoor furniture
  • a covered space for cars


Aluminium pergolas are an essential part of every house in Cyprus due to the hot summer weather that lasts more than three months. We design and deliver practical metal pergolas in Cyprus that can serve the needs and preferences of any customer.

Metal Pergolas in Cyprus

Forget about the typical wooden pergolas that require high maintenance. Our aluminium pergolas in Cyprus are a sleek and modern alternative to traditional wooden structures and a lovely addition to any outdoor space.

We construct different styles of aluminium pergolas in Cyprus based on the preferences as well as the space each customer has. Our pergolas can be wall-mounted, that is attached to a building or structure, or freestanding.

Our great and experienced team constructs aluminium pergolas in Cyprus with the clients’ requirements in mind and offers the choice of adding lights, rain sensors and a ceiling fan and choosing the automation pergola system they want where applicable.


Bioclimatic Pergolas

This shading solution not only adds aesthetic value to outdoor spaces in Cyprus but also serves a practical purpose. It provides a comfortable outdoor space for people to relax and enjoy time with their friends and family or even some alone time.

Our bioclimatic pergolas in Cyprus use advanced technology to obtain the ideal light and wind conditions with the help of adjustable louvers, which can be easily tilted and rotated to control the amount of sunlight and ventilation.

aluminium pergolas in cyprus

Fixed Pergolas and Carports

Fixed aluminium pergolas in Cyprus can be placed in a variety of outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, decks, rooftops, and even commercial properties such as restaurants and hotels. These pergolas are very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Our fixed metal pergolas consist of a strong aluminium frame plus the pergola cover which is the roof of the fixed pergola and usually consists of fixed aluminium louvers or shading cloths.

πέργολες αλουμινίου στην κύπρο

Retractable Pergolas

Our retractable aluminium pergolas are ideal for protection from rain and sunlight, particularly in situations where weather conditions are unpredictable and can change rapidly.

Their main characteristic is that their roof can close or open fully offering protection or the open-air experience respectively.

They are a great choice for creating an attractive and functional outdoor space whether this is the patio, garden, pool area of a house or a hotel, or the sitting area of a café or restaurant.

aluminium pergolas in cyprus

The perfect shade solution for every household in Cyprus.